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an elite icon community for the ABC show Flashfoward

A community for all things related to the ABC show, V

your source for icons from the ABC show V

If you would like to affiliate with crash boxx, please comment here and I will add you. If you are a fandom community, please provide one sentence telling us what you are about. If you feature graphics, please provide us with three 100 x 100px examples. And if you have a pimp code or promotional picture, please link to that. Thanks.

In addition, if you would like your community or journal featured in one of our bimonthly promotional posts, please reply to this post with "promote" in the subject line, along with a short paragraph about your community including these things:

+ community name (username and full name):
+ community mission statement:
+ who is welcome at this community (i.e, 18 or over, ect). If no restrictions put "anyone":
+ members only, open or moderated membership:
+ posting access:
+ maintainer/mod username(s):
+ any warnings (i.e. "this is a wincest-free community") If none, put "X":
+ any additional info:

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Is this the end of all we know.

Hey, kids! Have a seat and let me tell you a little story.

This is a tale of crashboxx, the only fandom-centric community comprised entirely of requests and recommendations.
We house and eclectic mix of graphics, fanmixes, and fic recs, as well as free goodies and downloads. Every Monday we host Free Mondays, where free downloads of mp3s, videos, and other such material are posted for your enjoyment. Feel free to browse around, make a request, recommend something, or whatever you please.

⇒ We need mods and graphic "makers" to join our BAMF team, so if you're interested, please drop a comment at the contact post.
⇒ We know you're excited, and we are too, but take a few seconds to check out the rules/guidelines.
⇒ If you have a journal or community you would like to affiliate with us, please comment h e r e
⇒ Subsequently, if you would like us to promote your community or journal in one of our bimonthly promotional post+contests, please comment h e r e
⇒ If you've just joined, please fill out our kickass pole. It's fun, time-consuming, and it gives us mods a hint as to what we've gotten ourselves into:

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Death comes driving down the hallway in its sunday best.

This commences our FIRST ever weekly Free Monday:
I declare today mp3 day.
Continue onward for your free shit

001: download >> Evan's Blue - A Cross And A Girl Named Blessed
002: download >> Say Anything - Little Girls
003: download >> Saliva - Ladies And Gentlemen
004: download >> Idiot Pilot - Militance Prom
005: download >> Disturbed - Prayer
006: download >> Silverchair - Steam Will Rise
007: download >> Bright Eyes- Waste off Paint
008: download >> Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl
009: download >> Seether feat. Amy Lee - Broken
010: download >> Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire (video)

** Don't forget to fill out a 'Music Request Form' over HERE **

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Got a Recommendation for a fic, a song, or something else?
Fill out the info below and reply to this post in the form of a comment.

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To request a graphic or fanmix, please fill out one of the following and reply to this post in the form of a comment.
To request anything else, make up your own list and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

A) Request a graphic:

B) Request a fanmix: