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Crash Boxx

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a multifandom community for graphics, fanmixes, recs and free stuff
Who we are:
Welcome to crashboxx. This is a "sharing" community dedicated to tv and horror movie fandom. Inside you’ll find an eclectic collection of:
-Fic and music recs
-Free Music Mondays
-the occasional recap/review or poll

Our moderators/maintainers:
What we want:
Enthusiasm! Bring your passion for tv and the big screen. Tell us what you want. Fill out a request sheet and demand epicness.
Contributions! Read or listen to something that you think no fan should live without? Fill out a rec submission and let us know.
Feedback! Tell us what you like and what you don’t. Comment. PM us. Chat it up. Interact amongst yourselves and within the posts. Make friends. Flirt. Whatever floats your boat.
Sharing! All of our graphics, fanmixes and goodies are shareable, provided credit is given where due. Sharing is caring.
Promotion! Tell your friends about us. Show our stuff off. Got something you want us to promote? Drop a comment at the contact post and one of our mods will pimp it for you shamelessly for you.
What you can keep to yourself:
Fighting: arguing, flaming, soapboxing, politicizing (et cetera et cetera) are all big no-nos.
Stealing: hotlinking/ not crediting is stealing. Don’t do it. It’s mean and you will be hunted down then tarred and feathered.
Bashing: we welcome all fandoms and all characters. Bashing or making fun is not allowed.
the One-Way-Street Mentality : everything here is provided for your enjoyment, and of course free of cost, but please don’t continuously take without contributing every once in a while. We understand that you want to be free to browse for stuff and don’t necessarily take part in recs or requests, but it doesn’t take long to fill out a short request list or to link to something you’ve read (or heard) and enjoyed. This is a sharing community, and we can’t keep it going without your help.
The Rules…Well, more like guidelines:
001: Want. Take. Have.
002: Please give credit when taking graphics, displaying or redistributing material. The reason we ask this is so that if people see something they like, they can come find it here.
003: Comments aren’t required, but they help us to weed out what you aren’t interested in, and tell us what you want more of. No to mention it feels pretty good to hear “job well done” after spending time on stuff.
004: If you want to alter any images, graphics or art, by all means feel free to do so. We want you to enjoy your goodies. Just make sure to drop a comment to that effect in the post.
005: Have fun. Participate.
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